Lolu- Did u love anto -Lolu said no, The polygraph said TRUE, Lolu said he liked her, but not love,
Vandora- Do u believe now that Alex is your friend, Vandora said NO, the polygraph said TRUE, Vandora says Alex and her started with a spark but they ended up being in different keys, they once tried to hang out, and Alex said she was bored and needed to vandora to hang out and vandora felt so she’s the one she calls to when she’s bored, and vandora also mentioned that Alex acts like a baby and snatched someones man and she knows what she’s doing
Alex says she doesn’t understand that, and she felt vandora should have told her how she feels and vandora kept it all to herself
Dee one- Do you think your secret cost u the game, Dee one says NO, and the polygraph Said LIE, Dee one still insists that that wasn’t the reason he left… That people didn’t understand him that was why he left
Princess- Did you believe you would have been a better partner for Teddy A than Bam Bam, Princess said NO, the polygraph said LIE, Ahneeka says she doesn’t fell there was an attraction between teddy A and princess and said at some point Teddy A was tamed…. But teddy A said he can never be tamed by anyone and she shuddnt use that word on him.  Princess says she doesn’t agree with the result that her and teddy A were never in the same space, Bam bam says she feels there was something because of their accent thing because Teddy stayed in new York and princes stayed in Texas
Teddy A – is Bam bam the one, Teddy A said YES And the polygraph says, TRUE, Tobi also apologized for calling bam bam fake and he will want to be their flower boy 😂…. Teddy A says not yet time for marriage that they are working on their brands for now, but when its time he will let us know , Ahneeka says she’s not coming for the wedding basically based on the fact that she doesn’t get on well with Teddy A
Angel – Did you feel ahneeka was a weak partner, Angel said NO, The polygraph said, LIE Ahneeka says its 50/50 that at some point she was silent and angel was the lively one, and at some point when they were paired she was the one that made sure they didn’t get nominated, Angel says the polygraph is total B.S and he doesn’t believe ahneeka was
Tobi – Did you get close to Alex to spite Cee C, Tobi said NO, and the polygraph said LIE, Nina says she feels its true that Tobi was spitting cee c by going to be with alex, that if he had moved on he won’t have been looking for her trouble, Tobi says he never did that to spite cee c that he was more concerned about the game
Ifuenada- Do you feel you were evicted because Leo was weak, ifu Says YES, Polygraph says TRUE , Dee one says ifu acted like a man and Leo was cool, and princess says ifu was physically strong and Leo was mentally strong
Kbrule – Did you Jump because Lolu kissed anto, Kbrule NO, Polygraph says LIE, most of them said he just wanted attention and he was intoxicated so he didn’t jump because Lolu kissed anto, Anto says she feels he jumped because he was intoxicated
Khloe- Did you become close to Cee c because of her popularity, khloe said No, Polygraph said TRUE, most of them says koko is an open book and that she didn’t like cee c because she was popular
Rico- Did you Gossip about Bam bam to other housemates, Rico Yes, Polygraph TRUE, Teddy A said he felt Rico was kinda confused in the house, that he pushed he’s likeness to bam bam too much
Ahneeka – Do u feel Big brother was a waste of time, Ahneeka said NO, Polygraph LIE, says she  loved big brother and always wanted to get on the show, although it was the most emotionally draining time of her life, but it wasn’t all bad outside the house
Bam bam- Did you show your true character in the house, Bam Bam Yes, Polygraph TRUE, Bam bam says the her being Fake tag really affected her game and also made her cry alot
Anto- Did you prefer Tobi if given a chance, Anto NO, Polygraph TRUE, Kbrule says he loves Antos personality and if he was gonna pick a life partner he would pick someone with antos quality
Bitto- Did you make up your imaginary friend to get screen time, Bitto Yes, Polygraph True , Bitto says that it was all imaginary and sometimes he just wants to flirt and most times people don’t get the joke
Alex- Did you get over Leo so quickly because it was Tobi you liked, Alex NO, Polygraph LIE, Alex says shes annoyed, and that she didn’t appreciate the questions she was being asked and that she expected questions about her life currently or questions about other housemates apart from Cee c and Tobi, Ebuka shut her down by asking her which show she came for, and that she was the one that made Tobi and cee c her narrative on the show, she shouldn’t expect any other question than what she’s getting/Got
Leo- Where you jealous of Alex and Tobis relationship, Leo NO, Polygraph LIE, Leo says at the time he felt it was disrespectful for alex to chill with Tobi while she was with him, that he wasn’t jealous
NOTE: Nina and Cee c did not take the polygraph test but they were asked their questions there 🔽
Nina do u regret ruining friendship with Collins for miracle, Nina said No,
Cee c- Did you want a second chance with Tobi outside the house, Cee c said No, Anto says she feels Tobi and Cee c could make it work, Khloe says she feels Cee c wasn’t being honest that she has had conversations with her and Tobi and she knows both of them want to be friends,
Ebuka asked 5 housemates this question about Miracle (1)Do u think miracle changed because of the fame
(2)And do u think he played tHe Better game than every other housemate
Princess- Yes he played the better game
But the fame didn’t change him
Dee one- says he was lucky to win, that people wanted to watch sexual relationships that’s why he won, that Tobi played a better game
 khloe- She says he didn’t change
Says he didn’t play the better game, that it was Cee c or tobi
 Lolu – He didn’t change, and he played the better game
Cee c – He did not change, But he didn’t play the better game, that it could have been Tobi, ifu or herself
Ebuka talked to them about reconciliation and being the bigger person sometimes in every issue, also talked to khole about reconciling with whoever she said she hates
Big brother also spoke, And applauded them one after the other for their contributions to their various communities, Achievements and growth that it hasn’t gone unnoticed by him and he expects them to do more and achieve more

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